Innovative real estate marketing strategies for agents

Real estate marketing ideas for your website

A website is a need rather than a real estate marketing idea. Today’s consumers demand websites from businesses, and a poor one might be worse than none at all. Here are some suggestions on how to promote your real estate company 24 hours a day online.

Have a stunning homepage
Did you know that 75% of consumers admit to rating a company’s trust based on the layout of its website? Because first impressions count, your site has to look great. This involves appealing graphics, a clear call to action, and a simple menu.

Work On Your Listings
The success of your real estate firm depends mainly on listings. Although people don’t buy properties online, they do look for them, and this becomes an essential factor when selecting a real estate agent.
As a result, your website visitors’ expectations will be for an optimized, complete property listing.
When developing your property listings, make sure to include all the information that would attract buyers, such as high-quality property photos, video tours, pricing ranges, facilities, and other specifics.
An good example of an optimized listing can be seen at Trompeter Real Estate:

Hire a good photographer:

It is important that you have stunning images of your properties. The right time of day or angle may greatly impact results. Hire a professional photographer (ideally one who has expertise shooting houses and other structures), or, if you have excellent gear and self- confidence, try your hand at it yourself. Just keep in mind that this is one of those cases where hiring experts makes sense.

Focus on user experience
Even the most excellent property pages won’t be very useful if your website is not easy to use. Take the time to review your knowledge of information architecture and user experience design since your website’s users deserve a positive experience.

Create a social media presence for yourself
52% of all leads for high-quality real estate agents come from social media. This may be the reason why nearly ninety percent of agents advertise on Facebook.
These figures clearly show that social media is an essential channel for building a successful real estate business.
Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are popular for real estate marketing if you’re looking for the suitable platforms.
LinkedIn will help you indirectly by showing you as a professional, reliable real estate agent.
Facebook and Instagram may help you expressly involve with your audience and advertise your business. Post as regularly as you can to stay active on social media.
By often publishing your Stories and sometimes uploading posts to your network, you may stay active on Instagram.
You may maintain activity on Facebook by talking to your fans, responding to comments, and posting in real estate groups. Make sure your writing is not too promotional.
In a perfect world, 80% of your material would be useful, helpful, and instructional. The final 20% can be used for commercial purposes.
To increase your trust, you might publish on these social media pages about the deals you’ve successfully closed.

Invest in social media marketing
Another effective tool for obtaining high-quality real estate leads is social media advertising. Ads may be purchased if you have established a strong social media presence. Do audience research before starting an advertisement for social advertising. Social media networks provide amazing ad targeting options, but you can only take use of them if you have an effective understanding of your prospective clients.
Since you are investing money in these advertisements, you want to ensure that they provide the desired outcomes. Create engaging advertising that illustrate the value your real estate business will bring to the lives of your customers. Create an advertisement based on customer evaluations or, better yet, add a few testimonials.
Last but not least, add a CTA button to your advertising to bring people from social media to your website, like the realtor in the following example has done:

boards on Pinterest
Posting images and information for specific advertising on message boards is agreat idea. You may create a Pinterest board for a specific house that has images of the real property along with descriptions about the area’s perks.

Create a Google business profile.
Almost all real estate agent searches are local.
Search keywords like “Real estate agents near me” or “real estate agents [city name]” are used to find real estate companies. Local companies can be seen on Google using a special business listing. Additionally, each company listed in this directory has a Google Business Profile (GBP). Make your GBP listing, if you haven’t already, or claim it. It is a great way to increase online traffic and awareness for the brand.
The reviews and ratings, phone number, location, and business hours are all shown on an ideal GBP profile, which serves as a secondary home page for your company. Because of this, it has the ability to produce real estate leads of high level.

Local content on your website
In many respects, you’re selling more than only a property when you sell a town or region. Showcase the very best of what your community has to offer with gorgeous photographs ofwell-known locations and local landmarks.

Host free seminars for buyers
By conducting mini-seminars, you may make yourself and your knowledge useful to the neighbourhood. Think about offering a basic 101 session on the fundamentals of house ownership and finance.
Remember that inbound marketing is the future of all marketing, not just internet marketing. Before spending time and money on you, users expect you to give part of your expertise for free. The local equivalent of a webinar is a house purchasing seminar. Yes, it will cost time and effort, but in return, guests will be amazed and develop a bond with you. When it comes time for them to look for a house, that bond will be worth its weight in gold.

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