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 California Institute of Technology was started  in 1891. The campus is 124 acres in size, with a total undergraduate registered students of 987 (fall 2021), and is located in a suburb of Chicago. It makes use of an academic calendar based on quarters. California Institute of Technology is ranked #9 within National Universities in the 2022–2023 edition of Best Colleges. The total cost of the school is $60,864.

Top University Of California

One of the top universities for science and technology in the country is the California Institute of Technology (also known as Caltech). About 12 miles (19 kilometers) outside of Los Angeles, in the state of California, Pasadena is a private university and research center. Caltech’s roots can be located at Throop University, an arts and crafts college that started out in 1891. It started specialized in science and technology in 1907, and in 1920 it got its current name. While being co-educational since 1970, men still beat women at Caltech. The institution has about 2,000 students enrolled, with graduate students making up the majority of this number.

Administration and organization

The Bridge Physics Laboratory

A 46-member board of members, 46 of whom were privately chosen, runs Caltech as an educational institution. Directors serve five-year terms and are able to retire at age 72.The members of the board choose a president to lead the institute as its chief executive officer and manage its affairs on the board’s behalf. They also choose a chief of staff to lead the institute’s academic operations with the president, along with ten other vice chairs and other senior positions. In 2014, Thomas F. Rosenbaum was selected as Caltech’s ninth president. A permanent trust group and an investment office control the management of Caltech’s fund.

Academic Departments

Bachelor’s through a PhD degree programs are offered by Caltech. Six academic departments make up the university: biology, chemistry and chemical engineering, engineering and applied science, geology and planetary sciences, physics, mathematics, and astronomy, as well as humanities and social sciences. Its science and technology and scientific programs are among the top in the country. The first scientific university which required that students study at least 20% of their courses in arts and cultural studies was Caltech.

Research opportunities by Institute

The institution offers many opportunities for students to take part in research, including an award system for summer research. Under the direction of a faculty investor, the students work on free projects, and many of them get their work released into scientific journals. Everyone at Caltech is required to follow the code of honor, which states that “no member of the Caltech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the Caltech community,” in order to create a climate of trust in a challenging environment.

School costs and financial help

For the academic year 2021–2022, undergraduate tuition was $56,394; total annually cost, except the Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan, were expected to be $79,947. Caltech gave need-based aid of $17.1 million, non-need-based aid of $438k, and self-help support of $2.51 million to currently enrolled students at the university in 2012–2013. All students who applied for help received an average scholarship package of $38,756, while those who left paid an average of $15,090.

Housing for Students

Housing is provided by the institution to all first-year graduate and undergraduate students. There are eight student houses, each with its own distinct control and unique traditions, in place of typical student living halls like those found at many American institutions. Graduate students who are newly accepted are given choice for staying in the Catalina Flats on campus.

Research Award Programs of University

At Caltech, 80% of undergraduate students take part in studies. Students prepare research papers, work with teachers, and present their results as part of the university’s Summer Undergraduate Research Awards program. 

Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA

There are over 50 research institutes and centers at Caltech, including the It Observatory and the Resnick Climate Institute. The institution also runs the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, a facility for artificial solar system study that involves both scientists and students.

Caltech is known as one of the top university research centers in the world. It is well decorated and operated by a faculty of brilliant and creative scientists. Many Nobel Prize winners and other famous scientists have worked and taught there. The physicists Robert Andrew Millikan, Richard P. Feynman, and Murray Gell-Mann, as well as the astronomer George Ellery Hale and the chemist Linus Pauling, have all been a part of this group. 

How JPL Works with NASA

Together with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Caltech runs the laboratory known as Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The first American satellite, Discovery I, and was sent into orbit by JPL in 1958, and it has next carried out many more space study operations. Additionally, Caltech runs observatory systems in California in Owens Valley, Mount Palomar, Big Bear Lake, and Cedar Flat, as well as in Hawaii at the peak of Mauna Kea. A seismological laboratory in Pasadena and a marine biological laboratory in Corona del Mar, both in California, are other institute facilities.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III is where Caltech’s varsity sports teams, the Beavers, play. White and orange are the school colors.


According to Best Global Universities, California Institute of Technology is placed ninth. Schools get ratings according to how well they do against a set of widely accepted measures of excellence.

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