How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

It’s really simple to add music to your Instagram Story using the app!

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There are 8 steps to add music in instagram stories

Step 1

Open the Instagram app in step one.

Step 2

Select a post you want to share and click the plane tool, then select Add post to the story, or tap the story symbol in the top left corner of the screen.       

Step 3

Select a photo or video from your camera roll if you’ve selected to add a Story from the Your Story symbol by clicking on the camera icon in the top left corner.

Step 4

Go to Step 4 if you’re sharing another person’s feed post.

Step 4

Select Stickers from the top bar on the opened app.

Step 5

click the music sticker

Step 6

Select a song from the For you collection or search for a specific song using Browse.

Step 7: 

After choosing a song, you can choose to display the song’s name. Here, you may search the song and select where to start for the music.

Step 8: 

Hit “Your story” to share with either a small group of friends or a wide public.

Adding music to Instagram story with stickers

There are three possibilities if you’ve followed the instructions above but still don’t see the music sticker in your app:

  • You must update your profile.
  • You can’t use Instagram’s music function in your country.
  • You’re pushing an effort for paid content.
  • Some elements (like music) cannot be used in commercial advertisements due to legal constraints and Instagram’s ads rules.

However, you might be asking about how to put music in your Instagram Story without using a sticker. Luckily, there is a really simple fix, my friend.

Step 1 is to open a music streaming app like Apple Music or Spotify.

Step 2: Start the music you want to be playing.

Step 3: Record your Story on Instagram while the song is still playing. The final outcome will include the music that is now playing on your phone.

  • Just be careful that this solution will not display the album cover or the lyrics to your followers.
  • You won’t get access to all of the functions that Instagram gives because it isn’t officially approved by Instagram. It’s more of a case of “desiring times call for severe actions.”
  • You could also be made responsible for copyright violation, something that Instagram takes very seriously. Instagram will delete your Story or maybe blacklist your account if this is the case.
  • Just to let you know, Instagram describes its “general copyright guidelines” as follows:
  • It is allowed to use music in storytelling and classic live music performances (such as recording a musician or band live on stage).
  • A video is more likely to be restricted the more full-length recorded music it contains.
  • Shorter music samples are suggested as a result.
  • Your video should always have some sort of visual element; it shouldn’t just be a recording of recorded sounds.

Therefore, it would be good for you to use a shorter clip and include a visual element in your recording if you want to use the solution described above. 

Adding music to an Instagram Story using Spotify

Spotify song that you think your Instagram audience will enjoy? Feeling it? You can, however, easily upload Spotify audio to Instagram Stories.

Step 1:

Open the Spotify app in step 1.

Step 2:

 Find the music you wish to use in your Instagram Story in step two.

Step 3: 

On a song, album, or playlist, click the vertical lines icon.

Step 4: 

Select Share from the display menu.

Step 5

Click to Instagram Stories in step 5. For Instagram to open, you might need give permission.

Step 6

 Spotify will create a new Story for you and upload the album, playlist, or song’s cover image.

After you publish your Story, your followers will be able to listen to the music you shared on Spotify by clicking through to your Story.

Step 7

Add the song using the procedures listed above under “How to add music to your Instagram Story” so that it plays above the cover art image.

You may not be able to play music over the cover art image if you are receiving the error message “You can’t add a song to a story you shared from another app,” but there is a solution!

After doing all of the above, either download the file or capture a screenshot. Remove this Story and replace it with the one you downloaded or screenshotted, then add music as usual.

However, this means that none of your followers will be able to access the music on Spotify through your Instagram Story.

Adding music to an Instagram Story using Apple music

It’s simple to add music to an Instagram Story using Apple Music. You can upload music to all of your apps in just four simple steps.

Step 1

Open the Apple Music app first.

Step 2

Find the song, album, or playlist you wish to share .

Step 3

Hold the object in your hands and select Share.

Step 4 

Select Instagram from this option and upload as usual.


Your choice of music may be affected by where you live. Instagram music isn’t available in every country, and they must abide by the copyright laws of the nation in which they do activity.

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