6 Ways How to Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

How to keep your smartphone cool while gaming  The graphics most especially are getting better continuously in mobile games. Modern games demands heavily on your phone’s hardware. Due to how demanding these games are, overheating then becomes an issue.Although phones can reach at very high temperatures of up to 820C/1800F, but it  shouldn’t exceed 800C/176F. In just a few months, reaching such temperatures or higher might harm your phone’s battery and other components.In addition to harming your phone, overheating affects your gaming experience. The following tips can help you keep your phone from overheating even if you play games while it is plugged in.Effective ways of keeping the phone while gaming:

  • change the phone’s settings.Dim the screen’s brightnessTake the phone case off.Avoid using a charger while gaming.Avoid being in the sun.OFFSET the sensors.Between lengthy sessions, take a rest.

Change the phone’s settingEvery mobile user is different. While some people like a dark screen display, others prefer a bright one. Only a few users demand on the best graphics currently available, while others agree to give up some quality in terms of game performance.As a result, adjusting choices for your smartphone are almost endless. On the other hand, its settings affect the device’s performance, temperature, and mode of function.When playing games like PUBG and COD Mobile on your gaming phone, think about limiting the display brightness or changing your graphics settings. Your electronic device will run more effectively, and your gaming will be improved.Dim the screen’s brightnessWhen using your mobile device with high brightness settings, it may become very warm. The display screen produces greater heat as its output of light increases. Using your phones or tablets indoors with the lowest brightness setting is the greatest solution to this issue. It may burn your display and do major harm. Additionally, set auto-brightness in the settings. By turning off a nearby sensor, less computing power and thus less heat will be used by the CPU.  Your smartphone will get hotter if you keep the brightness levels high. When working indoors, you can use your device’s lowest brightness setting. The ideal percentage that you shouldn’t go above is 50%.Also, stop reactive brightness as it makes use of the distance sensor in your phone and uses more power, raising the temperature of your smartphone.Long-term battery life on your phone can benefit from working at lower brightness levels as well.Remove your phone caseTaking off your case might help your phone cool off if it is getting too hot. By removing the phone case for a bit, you can help the phone cool down more quickly because the case may sometimes trap heat and slow down the cooling process.Due to cases, there can be some heating issues with smartphones. There are several fashionable protective cases on the market. These covers protect your mobile devices while adding to their appearance. However, imaging being asked to run a long distance while dressed in cold clothing. It feels just the same on your phone. Device cases limit airflow and retain heat. Although some thicker covers could offer protection, they maybe issue with your phone’s antenna. As a result, your device will have difficulty linking to the network, which is bad to both it and your gaming experience.  You’ll play better after using these tips, no doubt. Additionally, we advise taking breaks after each session and relaxing in a cooler area. In addition to this, there are a few external fans on the market that attach to the back of smartphones and helps in cooling your device. You can choose one of those as well. Avoid using a charger while gaming.Smartphones overheat when playing games while they’re charging because of excessive processing consumption.The battery itself heats up during charging. Therefore, while using the phone or playing games, the CPU capacity increases, which causes the phone to overheat. Therefore, it is best to avoid using your phone or playing games while it is charging.Avoid being in the sunDirect sunshine may be useful for your health, but it is never good to your phone. When you mix the heat from your phone with the heat from the sun, you have a heat issue in your hands.The additional heat will have a harmful impact on the internal parts of your device which will reduce its performance and lifespan.Keep in mind that playing outside will need you to increase the lighting, which also causes overheating.OFFSET the sensors.Even when not in use, phone sensors often continue working in the background.Turn off your mobile data connection, for example, if you are playing Fortnite and using a WiFi connection.Disable WiFi if you plan to use mobile data. If you aren’t using a wireless headset for sound, be sure to turn off location-based services and Bluetooth.If left on, all of these sensors operate continuously in the background and are often what cause your device to get hotter.Between lengthy sessions, take a rest.The most frequent cause of gaming phones getting heated and performing poorly is long gaming sessions. Gaming on mobile devices should be done in small amounts, just like practically anything else in life.Your smartphone will get heated the longer you play without pausing. Remember to give the game a rest during the day keeping that in mind.To lessen the damaging effects of games like Clash Royale, BGMI, etc., take small breaks. Your phone will be able to properly cool down as a result. Take brief breaks for food and drink the next time you play video games.Conclusion:Avoid using costly applications or games when gaming on your smartphone since this is another technique to keep it cool. Your device won’t have to work as hard and won’t become as hot if you’re simply playing easy games. However, it’s possible that the device will begin to overheat if you’re playing games that are highly taxing on it. Change to a less taxing game or app if you realize that your smartphone is getting too hot. Shortly, We can avoid heating of device by following these precautions.

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