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What Are the Three Types of Power Wheelchairs?


If you are looking for a power wheelchair, there are three types to choose from. Those are: rear-wheel drive, mid-wheel drive, and tilt-in-space. Each type has a variety of different functions and advantages. Some of these benefits include customizability, long battery life, and travel.

Rear or mid-wheel drive

A rear or mid-wheel drive power wheelchair is the best type of chair to have if you have to traverse a lot of terrain. They offer a high level of stability and superior shock absorption. However, they are less maneuverable than a front-wheel drive power wheelchair. In fact, they can be a bit difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Choosing the right configuration is largely dependent on your lifestyle and preferences. You will also need to consider the environment you will be using the wheelchair in. For example, if you live in an apartment or condo, you will need to be able to turn the wheelchair around without knocking over furniture.

If you are concerned about accessibility, you will want to look for a chair with an anti-tip device. This will prevent you from falling over. Another option to consider is a power seat with casters. Castors are small wheels that are mounted in front of the drive wheel. These castors help to maintain the stability of the chair, and make it easier to get it to pull up close to an object.

Some people prefer rear-wheel drive power chairs for their high-speed, smooth rides. Others will choose a front-wheel drive chair, because it is more comfortable to sit on.

Each drive wheel type has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to understand the differences between each to make a good choice.

A rear-wheel drive wheelchair has a larger turning radius than a front-wheel drive power chair. That is because of the size of the front wheel. Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs can also have more stability, but they are harder to navigate in tight spaces.

While some users prefer rear-wheel drive for its superior speed and manoeuvrability, it’s important to remember that it’s not the best choice for climbing obstacles. Even with a strong traction system, the drive wheel can lift off the surface if you don’t have the strength to keep it from moving.

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Recline and tilt-in-space

Tilt and recline power wheelchairs can be a big help for people with discomfort. These systems enable users to change their position throughout the day, so they can reduce pain caused by scoliosis or pressure ulcers. This helps them maintain an active lifestyle.

The benefits of tilt and recline power wheelchairs include independence and comfort. They also increase blood flow, which is important to a healthy body. In addition, they promote mild exercise, which can benefit people with dementia.

There are several tilt and recline wheelchair manufacturers. Quickie Designs, Sunrise Medical, and Invacare are among the companies that manufacture these accessories. However, little research has been conducted on their effectiveness. It is unclear whether the feature is beneficial for back pain, pressure relief, or both.

Pressure ulcers are a common problem for wheelchair users. When the user does not adjust their position, the pressure can lead to painful decubitus ulcers. Therefore, clinicians often prescribe this feature for people who are vulnerable to pressure sores.

A datalogger is often used to gather information on how these features are utilized. This is especially useful for quantifying the effectiveness of these features. One datalogger recorded information on the frequency of the use of both the tilt and recline functions.

After 10 days of usage, the participant had accessed the recline and seat tilt functions more than half the time. He was also able to access the smaller seat tilt angles than the back recline angles.

While there are many tilt and recline systems, not all of them are portable or lightweight. As a result, the cost can be high.

Choosing the best chair is a personal choice. Make sure to research your options to determine what will work best for you.


A power wheelchair is an excellent mobility aid. They are compact and easy to transport. But they can be expensive. If you are going to purchase one, make sure you know all the nuances of the product.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some useful tips. You can find all of them in the World on Wheelz website, a resource for people with disabilities. It includes travel tips, reviews of travel products, and links to other useful sites.

The site also has sample itineraries for countries all over the world. In addition, it has a bulletin board dedicated to the best of the best in handicap-accessible travel.

It’s important to make your travel plans well in advance. Make sure you have the proper documentation and insurance. Also, check your airline’s policies on traveling with your special equipment.

It’s best to call your airline a day or two before your departure to ask about accessibility options. Many airlines offer special seating for people with disabilities. These can vary from one airline to the next, so it’s best to consult the airline’s customer service staff.

The most important part of this plan is to get to the airport early. It can take some time to unload a wheelchair from the cargo hold. And, if you have a larger model, you may want to arrive extra early.

Of course, your flight may arrive late. Even so, you should be able to arrive at least an hour or so before your departure. By planning ahead, you can ensure a smoother ride.

If you haven’t purchased a new wheelchair, you can consider renting one. This will allow you to avoid the stress of getting stuck in a terminal.

Customizable seats and cushions

The cushions and seats on power wheelchairs should match the user’s unique needs. If the chair does not provide adequate postural support, it can cause pressure sores. There are several different types of custom seating available for wheelchair users.

Custom contoured seat cushions are an option for those with high levels of pressure. These cushions are constructed with two layers of foam, which helps redistribute the interface pressure and reduce the damage caused by external loading.

In addition, the cushion is designed to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the pelvis and coccyx. It is also designed to prevent shearing. A gel insert forms to the IT and coccyx, which helps prevent the tissue from shearing.

Seat cushions made from high-density, high-resilience foam are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. They have a gridded polymer layer in the pelvic relief area, ensuring that the cushion does not become soiled. For advanced infection control, the seat includes Ultrafresh.

PinDot Series Cushions are made in Elyria, Ohio. They offer exceptional stability and a number of mounting options to ensure accurate interfacing with the wheelchair frame. Depending on the prescription required, the support surfaces may be made from various kinds of foam.

Ride Custom 2 Cushion is an excellent choice for adults and pediatric clients. These cushioned seats are engineered to help improve sitting stability, airflow, and skin care.

Custom seating manufacturers are now using digital techniques, such as CNC foam milling, to cut down on production time. This process also helps to reduce overall costs.

Other features of a custom contoured seating system include depth adjustment and limited recline. Some seats feature vinyl captain’s seats for added comfort. Various accessories can be added to motorized wheelchairs, such as cell phone holders and LED fender lights.

Long battery life

A power wheelchair battery has several important functions. For starters, it’s a deep cycle battery that provides a steady stream of electrical power. It also provides a large amount of range, and can travel a few miles on a charge. Typically, a deep cycle battery can last a year or so with daily use.

In addition, it’s usually a good idea to keep your electric wheelchair/scooter well-maintained. The battery needs to be stored in a dry, cool place to avoid deterioration. Also, it’s important to recharge it frequently.

If you’re looking to buy a new power wheelchair, you should be sure to ask about the lifespan of your unit. Some may last as long as two years, while others are more likely to fall into the six-month category.

Batteries should be charged at least once a day, if not more often. This is especially true if you’re not using your power chair infrequently.

As you’re shopping around, it’s a good idea to look for a battery that offers the following features: longevity, range, and speed. There are several factors that determine how long a battery lasts, including weight, speed, and terrain.

While you’re at it, make sure that you use the right type of charger. A poorly functioning charger could permanently damage your battery. You’ll also want to check with your airline to see what their policy is for storing your wheelchair.

A power wheelchair battery’s life is directly related to its battery type. Gel cell batteries are designed to be maintenance-free, while sealed wet-cell batteries are completely enclosed. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to battery capacity, wet-cells have the edge over their gel counterparts. On the other hand, gel cells don’t recharge as quickly.

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