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Cosmetic Packaging Design Tips for Small Businesses


Starting a business is a dream for many, but the reality for few, a lot has to be sacrificed on this road, and starting a business is not something you can do every day. You need to have a lot of things if you want to build a proper brand, whether it be capital, time, patience, peace, drive, or many other things. From the start of our lives, we all have heard a phrase uncountable time that “first impression is the last,” and things can’t get any true than this.

This gets even more serious in the case of small businesses. The cosmetic industry is gigantic, and most people think that building a brand in this space is next to impossible, but this isn’t the case. Just because an industry is big doesn’t mean that you can’t build your brand in that space. Over the years, we have witnessed uncountable stories of brands that came into this industry with nothing but a dream and were able to do what they wanted to do.

The majority of small businesses don’t have the luxury of capital, and they start and sustain with their funding, and this is why they have to take every step carefully. As a cosmetic brand, you have to work harder than you’d have to in any other industry because people are conscious about their health, and they don’t want to use a product that doesn’t give them the right vibe.

Marketing campaigns as a startup sound impossible because you have to continuously do that to build a customer base, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use other ways to your advantage. Cosmetic boxes packaging will come in clutch at that moment when you have nothing to attract customers with. In this blog, we will tell you cosmetic packaging design tips for small businesses. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

Research Your Audience 

You need a strong customer base if you want to build a proper brand because customers will provide you with that platform from where you can scale. There are uncountable consumers in the market, and you can’t please everyone, especially when you are a startup. The easiest way to grab customer attention is by researching your targeted audience, and it will be the worst decision you take if you don’t target specific customers.
Knowing your targeted audience helps you narrow down your path, and you need to focus on their preferences if you want to build a brand. Design your product packaging according to their preferences; if your targeted audience is a fan of bold colors, then so be it. Just don’t overdo things.

Opt For Sustainable Packaging

After the COVID-19 outbreak, people came to know how important health is and not only their health but also the health of our planet. Customers are more educated in these times than they ever have been, which means that they can’t be fooled. Another important design tip for your cosmetic boxes is to go with eco-friendly packaging materials like cardboard or kraft paper.

Customers love when they see a brand driven by a purpose that can benefit everyone around them, and you can use this to your advantage. This gets even better when customers see a small brand taking this initiative because many big brands in this industry haven’t taken that step yet. On top of protecting the environment, eco-friendly product packaging is cost-effective and is made from wood pulps which gives them a smooth surface meaning that your design can be more efficient and appear more appealing.

Choose Colors That Resonate with Your Audience 

When you target a specific audience, you know for a fact that they will have similar preferences, whether it be their product or its packaging. The main part of customizing product packaging is not the design or the artwork; it is the color of the packaging. A simple brown box won’t be able to attract customers as a unique color can.
The base color of your product packaging will determine the success your product packaging will bring to your brand. So, you must use unique and appealing colors. Your colors shouldn’t only be unique; those colors should resonate with your targeted audience so that you can get the best results possible.

Invest In Professional Packaging

The word professional packaging doesn’t mean that you have to use gold-plated packaging. It’s just that your product packaging has to be sophisticated and easy on the eyes. At first, it might get a bit costly, but we recommend that you give it a shot because it always works. You can go for limited boxes at the start, let’s say 300 boxes; this number is more than enough to show if you should order more boxes or not.
Another thing that you can do to ensure that you retain customers when you get them is to prefer simplicity. Keep things simple and easy on the eyes because it never goes out of fashion. Inspire to do what Apple has done with its packaging or what a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton has done with its packaging.


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